Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hola, how your raya guys? Hope you are doing well.. As for me one thing in my head right now is GOING BACK TO STUDY!!! Can you imagine, almost 4 month i haven't touch any ACADEMIC books. So, it really take time for me to WARMING UP my mood in order to switch it from sleepy mood to 'STUDY' mood. Nevertheless, i still have spirit for the new semester..

Actually,i'm not in school anymore but yet still have a lot of things to study and learn new things.Hope my GOALS for new semester, I will achieves my GOALS no matter how hard i work it on.Of course, you guys have your own dreams right.. I pray the best for you..

It seems like more TASK are waiting for me to finish before I end my tenure...I will try my best to  make all of you satisfied. Here's my time table. Only for my reference.. huhuhuu...

Catch up with you later!!!


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